Month: April 2019

Diving back in

The next week for me is going to be insanity personified. I’ve reserved the next two days to lock myself into my room and make final Beta-Reader adjustments to the plotline of The Mutant Frequency and get everything ready for the release. I have to have everything to Amazon by Sunday so that it can be released properly on May 4th. Today, I feel frazzled. I’ve spent the past two days working on advertising and promotions, trying to spend as

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Giveaway Deadline is Close

The deadline for the Mutant Frequency Giveaway is quickly approaching. Have you put your name in the hat? You can do so [here]. Even if you are a long-time follower (thank you!!), you’ll still need to visit this page and enter your info. This is THE ONLY way to be entered for the giveaway. Want extra chances to win? Send an email to your friends with the link to the giveaway, and put me in the cc: line ([email protected]) so

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The Mutant Frequency cover art is here!

After a much-anticipated wait, I have approval from the artists, and everything is done. I introduced it during the release event this morning (you should have followed the Facebook event, if this is the first you are seeing of the cover). Introducing Jackson and Lacey in their digital art forms. I am super-excited about this, and I am looking forward to getting this book out for everyone to read. I know many of you have asked when I would be

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